Conjugation of ER Verbs: A Comprehensive Guide


Bonjour à tous! Today, we will embark on a journey to master the conjugation of ER verbs in French. As you may already know, conjugating verbs is an essential aspect of speaking fluent French. By understanding the various moods and tenses, you will gain confidence in expressing yourself accurately and fluidly. So, let’s dive into the world of ER verbs and unravel the mysteries of conjugation!

Indicative Mood:

The indicative mood is used to state facts or express certainty. Below, I will outline the conjugation of ER verbs in the present, passé composé, imperfect, future, and conditional tenses.

  • Present Tense:
    Je parl• e
    Tu parl• es
    Il/Elle/On parl• e
    Nous parl• ons
    Vous parl• ez
    Ils/Elles parl• ent
  • Passé Composé:
    J’ai parl• é
    Tu as parl• é
    Il/Elle/On a parl• é
    Nous avons parl• é
    Vous avez parl• é
    Ils/Elles ont parl• é
  • Imperfect Tense:
    Je parl• ais
    Tu parl• ais
    Il/Elle/On parl• ait
    Nous parl• ions
    Vous parl• iez
    Ils/Elles parl• aient
  • Future Tense:
    Je parl• erai
    Tu parl• eras
    Il/Elle/On parl• era
    Nous parl• erons
    Vous parl• erez
    Ils/Elles parl• eront
  • Conditional Tense:
    Je parl• erais
    Tu parl• erais
    Il/Elle/On parl• erait
    Nous parl• erions
    Vous parl• eriez
    Ils/Elles parl• eraient

Subjunctive Mood:

The subjunctive mood is used to express doubt, uncertainty, or desires. Here is the conjugation of ER verbs in the present and imperfect subjunctive:

  • Present Subjunctive:
    Que je parl• e
    Que tu parl• es
    Qu’il/Elle/On parl• e
    Que nous parl• ions
    Que vous parl• iez
    Qu’ils/Elles parl• ent
  • Imperfect Subjunctive:
    Que je parl• asse
    Que tu parl• asses
    Qu’il/Elle/On parl• ât
    Que nous parl• assions
    Que vous parl• assiez
    Qu’ils/Elles parl• assent

Imperative Mood:

The imperative mood is used to give commands or make requests. Here we have the conjugation of ER verbs in the imperative form:

  • Imperative:
    (parl• e)
    (parl• ons)
    (parl• ez)


By familiarizing yourself with the conjugation of ER verbs in different moods and tenses, you have taken a significant step towards mastering French grammar. Practice regularly with various example sentences, and you will gradually become more comfortable with conjugating these verbs. Remember, consistency is key, so keep practicing and you’ll soon find yourself speaking French with confidence. Bonne chance!

*Note: In this blog post, we focused on ER verbs in general. However, it’s important to be aware of a few irregular ER verbs such as aller (to go), avoir (to have), and être (to be), which have their own unique conjugation patterns.