Acclamer: How to Applaud with French Finesse


Welcome back, fellow Francophiles! Today, we embark on an exciting linguistic journey through the verb “acclamer” (to applaud), as we explore how to use this delightful French verb with panache. Prepare to become a master of applause and cheer, all while hilariously acclaming yourself as an expert in French expressions. Let’s dive right in!

1. Basic Usage: Applauding and Cheering:

Applauding is a universal form of celebration, and “acclamer” captures this spirit in the French language. Here’s how to use it creatively:

  • J’ai acclamé l’actrice après sa brillante performance. (I applauded the actress after her brilliant performance.)
  • Les supporters ont acclamé leur équipe toute la nuit. (The fans cheered for their team all night long.)
  • Le public a acclamé le discours du Président. (The audience applauded the President’s speech.)

2. Expressing Enthusiasm and Approval:

“Acclamer” can be used to convey enthusiasm, approval, or even adulation towards someone or something. Embrace your inner cheerleader with the following examples:

  • Les critiques ont acclamé le dernier film de ce réalisateur talentueux. (The critics praised the latest film from this talented director.)
  • Le public acclame les artistes lors de ce festival de musique. (The audience applauds the artists during this music festival.)
  • La foule a acclamé le héros local lors de son retour triomphant. (The crowd cheered for the local hero upon his triumphant return.)

3. Special Contexts: Historical Figures and Leaders:

In specific contexts, “acclamer” takes on an even deeper meaning, particularly when referring to historical figures or leaders who are revered by the masses:

  • Les citoyens ont acclamé leur roi avec ferveur lors de son couronnement. (The citizens enthusiastically hailed their king during his coronation.)
  • La population a acclamé le Président lors de sa visite dans la ville. (The population cheered for the President during his visit to the city.)


With our guide to acclaming “acclamer,” you’re now fully equipped to embrace the art of applause in French. From applauding performances to expressing approval and admiration, “acclamer” allows you to celebrate and show support in the language of love. So go forth, spread the cheer, and remember to acclame with a touch of French finesse! Merci et à bientôt! (Thank you, and see you soon!)