Déprimer: Unlocking the Mood Elevator of French Verbs!


Bienvenue mes amis! Today, we embark on an enlightening journey into the world of the French language, particularly exploring the multifaceted verb “déprimer.” Often associated with feelings of sadness or low mood, “déprimer” holds the key to understanding and expressing our emotions effectively in French. Join us as we dive into the depths of this verb, discovering its meanings, nuances, and how to use it in everyday conversation. Let’s elevate our understanding of “déprimer”!

1. Understanding the Essence of “Déprimer”:

When it comes to expressing emotions related to sadness and feeling down, “déprimer” stands out as a versatile verb. Here’s how to use it correctly:

  • Je déprime quand il pleut. (I feel down when it rains.)
  • Elle déprime après une journée difficile. (She gets depressed after a challenging day.)
  • Ils dépriment à cause des mauvaises nouvelles. (They are getting depressed due to the bad news.)

2. Expressing Emotional Distress:

“Déprimer” goes beyond mere sadness and can convey a wide range of negative emotions. Take a look at how this verb is utilized:

  • Les échecs à répétition me dépriment. (Repetitive failures depress me.)
  • La solitude le déprime énormément. (Loneliness gets him really down.)
  • Le manque de progrès déprime l’équipe. (The lack of progress depresses the team.)

3. Discussing Mental Health:

Understanding and discussing mental health is crucial, and “déprimer” helps express feelings related to depression. Handle with care and sensitivity when using it in this context:

  • J’ai été déprimé ces derniers temps. (I have been depressed lately.)
  • Elle est atteinte de dépression. (She is suffering from depression.)
  • Si tu te sens déprimé, n’hésite pas à en parler. (If you feel depressed, don’t hesitate to talk about it.)

4. Expressions with “Déprimer”:

Expand your French vocabulary with these idiomatic expressions featuring “déprimer”:

  • Ça me déprime de voir tant de violence dans le monde. (It depresses me to see so much violence in the world.)
  • Arrête de regarder ce film triste, ça va te déprimer encore plus! (Stop watching that sad movie, it will depress you even more!)
  • Le mauvais temps peut parfois déprimer le moral. (Bad weather can sometimes dampen your spirits.)


As we bid adieu to our exploration of the verb “déprimer,” we now possess the tools to effectively express feelings of sadness, low mood, and even depression in French. “Déprimer” allows us to share our emotions with empathy and understanding. Remember, when working with intense emotions, it’s important to approach the topic with kindness and respect. So let’s elevate our conversations and embrace the power of “déprimer” in our journey through the beautiful language of French. Au revoir et n’oubliez pas de garder le moral! (Goodbye, and remember to keep your spirits high!)