Mastering the Art of Using the French Verb “Recevoir”


In the vast world of French verbs, “recevoir” holds a special place. This verb, meaning “to receive” in English, is commonly used in various contexts to describe the act of receiving something. In this blog post, we will explore the different ways to use the verb “recevoir” in French, as well as some useful expressions and idiomatic phrases to enhance your language skills.

  1. Basic Usage of “Recevoir”:
    The simplest form of using “recevoir” is in its conjugated form, such as:
    • Je reçois (I receive)
    • Tu reçois (You receive)
    • Il/Elle reçoit (He/She receives)
    • Nous recevons (We receive)
    • Vous recevez (You receive)
    • Ils/Elles reçoivent (They receive)
  2. Expressions with “Recevoir”:
    a) Recevoir des cadeaux (to receive gifts):
    “J’ai reçu beaucoup de cadeaux pour mon anniversaire” (I received many gifts for my birthday)
    b) Recevoir des nouvelles (to receive news):
    “J’ai reçu de bonnes nouvelles aujourd’hui” (I received good news today)
    c) Recevoir des invités (to receive guests):
    “Nous aimons recevoir nos amis chez nous” (We enjoy receiving our friends at our place)
    d) Recevoir une lettre (to receive a letter):
    “Elle a reçu une lettre de son correspondant français” (She received a letter from her French pen pal)
  3. Idiomatic Phrases using “Recevoir”:
    a) Recevoir un accueil chaleureux (to receive a warm welcome):
    “Quand je suis arrivé en France, j’ai été très bien reçu par ma famille d’accueil” (When I arrived in France, I was warmly welcomed by my host family)
    b) Recevoir une leçon (to receive a lesson):
    “Il a mal agi et il a bien reçu sa leçon” (He misbehaved and he received a lesson)
    c) Recevoir une récompense (to receive a reward):
    “Elle a reçu une récompense pour ses excellents résultats scolaires” (She received a reward for her excellent academic results)
    d) Recevoir des compliments (to receive compliments):
    “Ton travail est magnifique, tu vas certainement recevoir des compliments” (Your work is beautiful; you will definitely receive compliments)
  4. Formal Expressions with “Recevoir”:
    a) Recevoir une invitation (to receive an invitation):
    “Nous avons reçu une invitation pour le mariage de nos amis” (We received an invitation for our friends’ wedding)
    b) Recevoir une distinction (to receive a distinction):
    “Il a reçu une distinction pour sa contribution exceptionnelle au projet” (He received a distinction for his exceptional contribution to the project)


Using the French verb “recevoir” opens up a wide range of expressions and idiomatic phrases to describe the act of receiving something. Whether it’s receiving gifts, news, guests, or even a lesson, this versatile verb is essential in everyday conversation. Practice these different usages of “recevoir” to become more confident in your French skills, and you’ll find yourself mastering the art of receiving in no time!