Economiser: Saving Money in French with a Franc-tastic Verb!


Bienvenue, money-savvy readers! In our journey to master the beautiful French language, let us delve into the realm of financial wisdom with the verb “économiser,” meaning “to save.” By understanding and efficiently incorporating this verb into your French vocabulary, you’ll be on track to secure a more frugal and financially stable future. So, without further ado, let’s uncover the secrets of using “économiser”!

1. Understanding the Concept of “Économiser”:

To begin, it’s essential to grasp the broader meaning of “économiser.” Unlike its English counterpart, this verb not only refers to saving money but encompasses the notion of being mindful and efficient with resources, time, and energy. Whether it’s cutting expenses, reducing waste, or preserving resources, “économiser” offers a comprehensive approach to thriftiness.

2. Saving Money: Essential Expressions:

When it comes to saving money, “économiser” shines as a versatile verb in the French language. Here are some commonly used expressions to help you navigate the financial terrain:

  • Économiser de l’argent: Saving money
    • J’essaie d’économiser de l’argent pour mes vacances. (I’m trying to save money for my vacation.)
  • Économiser sur les dépenses: Cutting expenses
    • Nous devrions économiser sur les sorties et les repas au restaurant. (We should cut back on outings and restaurant meals.)
  • Faire des économies: Making savings
    • Grâce à des habitudes d’achat intelligentes, je peux faire des économies chaque mois. (Thanks to smart shopping habits, I can make savings every month.)
  • Économiser pour l’avenir: Saving for the future
    • Vous devriez commencer à économiser pour votre retraite dès maintenant. (You should start saving for your retirement right away.)

3. Eco-friendly Savings: Conserve and Preserve!

An integral part of “économiser” lies in preserving resources and adopting an eco-friendly mindset. By following these green tips, you can reduce waste and contribute positively to the environment:

  • Économiser l’eau: Conserving water
    • Fermez le robinet pendant que vous vous brossez les dents pour économiser l’eau. (Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth to conserve water.)
  • Économiser l’énergie: Saving energy
    • Remplacez les ampoules traditionnelles par des ampoules LED pour économiser de l’énergie. (Replace traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs to save energy.)
  • Économiser les ressources naturelles: Preserving natural resources
    • Triez vos déchets pour économiser les ressources naturelles. (Sort your waste to preserve natural resources.)


Voila! You’re now well-equipped to unleash the power of the verb “économiser” in your conversations, allowing you to discuss financial matters, savings goals, and eco-friendly practices in French. Remember, by implementing these tips and expressions, you’ll gradually develop a more thrifty, mindful, and sustainable lifestyle en français. Alors, go forth, teach your wallet a lesson, and may your financial journey be filled with successful “économiser” endeavors! Bonne chance! (Good luck!)