Confier in French: Entrusting Your Understanding!


Welcome, language enthusiasts and fellow French learners! Today, we embark on a linguistic voyage, exploring the depths of a powerful French verb that deals with trust and confidence – “Confier.” Prepare to discover how to use this verb effectively and integrate it into your repertoire of French communication. Trust us; this blog post is worth investing your time in!

1. Understanding the Meaning and Usage of “Confier”:

The verb “Confier” denotes the act of entrusting or confiding in someone or something. It carries a sense of placing faith and trust in someone or sharing a secret or responsibility. Harness its power with the following examples:

  • Je lui ai confié mes rêves les plus profonds.
    (I entrusted him/her with my deepest dreams.)
  • Les parents confient leur enfant à une nounou compétente.
    (Parents entrust their child to a competent nanny.)
  • Nous confions cette mission délicate à notre équipe expérimentée.
    (We entrust this delicate mission to our experienced team.)

2. Expressing Trust and Confidence:

“Confier” is not just a verb; it’s a vehicle for expressing trust, confidence, and reliance on others. Let’s take a closer look at this aspect:

  • Je me confie à toi car je sais que je peux te faire confiance.
    (I confide in you because I know I can trust you.)
  • Elle se confie à un ami proche lorsqu’elle se sent triste.
    (She confides in a close friend when she feels sad.)
  • Nous confions nos secrets les plus intimes à un journal intime.
    (We entrust our most intimate secrets to a diary.)

3. The Idiomatic Expression: “Se confier à”:

French idioms are like hidden treasures, and “se confier à” is no exception. Shedding light on personal feelings and emotional vulnerability, this expression adds depth to your conversations:

  • Il se confie à sa sœur lorsqu’il a besoin de conseils.
    (He confides in his sister when he needs advice.)
  • Ne vous inquiétez pas, je me confie à ma passion pour me sentir mieux.
    (Don’t worry, I confide in my passion to feel better.)


As we reach the end of our journey through the realm of “Confier,” we hope you have gained valuable insights into using this versatile French verb. By mastering “Confier,” you’ll be able to express trust, confidence, and the act of confiding in others. Remember, building rapport and understanding rely on trust, so immerse yourself in the beauty of this verb and incorporate it into your French conversations.

Trust us when we say that incorporating “Confier” into your vocabulary will unlock new dimensions in your ability to communicate and connect emotionally with the French-speaking world. So go forth, confide, and let your French skills flourish! Au revoir et bonne confiance! (Goodbye and good trust!)