Chiamare: The Italian Verb that Rings a Bell!


Welcome to the melodious world of Italian verbs! Today, we will dive into the versatile verb “chiamare,” which means “to call” or “to name” in English. “Chiamare” encompasses a wide range of meanings and applications, making it an essential verb for any Italian language enthusiast. In this blog post, we will explore the various uses and conjugations of “chiamare,” so you can master it in no time! Let’s get started!

1. Calling Someone or Something

The primary meaning of “chiamare” is to call someone or something. It is used when you want to get someone’s attention or contact them. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Mi chiamo Maria. (My name is Maria.)
  • Chiamami nel pomeriggio. (Call me in the afternoon.)
  • Chiamo mio fratello ogni giorno. (I call my brother every day.)

2. Identifying or Naming

Another significant usage of “chiamare” is to identify or name someone or something. It is commonly used to introduce or refer to a person or object. Observe the following examples:

  • Come ti chiami? (What’s your name?)
  • Lui si chiama Roberto. (His name is Roberto.)
  • Maria ha chiamato il suo cane “Toby.” (Maria named her dog “Toby.”)

3. Summoning or Inviting

“Chiamare” can also be used to express the act of summoning or inviting someone. It implies asking someone to come closer or join in an activity:

  • Chiamo il cameriere. (I am calling the waiter.)
  • Chiamiamo gli amici a cena. (We are inviting our friends for dinner.)
  • La mamma chiama i bambini per cena. (Mom is calling the children for dinner.)

4. Giving a Nickname

In a more informal context, “chiamare” can be used to give someone a nickname or refer to them in a specific way:

  • I miei amici mi chiamano “Stellina.” (My friends call me “Little Star.”)
  • Il nonno chiama sua moglie “Amore.” (The grandfather calls his wife “Love.”)
  • Mi chiamano “Signor Sorriso” perché sorrido sempre. (They call me “Mr. Smiley” because I always smile.)


Congratulations! You are now familiar with the verbo meraviglioso (wonderful verb) “chiamare”! Whether you are calling, naming, summoning, or giving nicknames, this versatile Italian verb will serve you well in various situations. Practice using “chiamare” in different forms and contexts, and you’ll soon become a maestro in effortlessly incorporating it into your Italian conversations.

So, don’t hesitate to ring the bell with “chiamare” and unlock new linguistic possibilities in the Italian language! Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)