Inform and Inspire: Unveiling the Power of the French Verb ‘Informer’


In the vast realm of the French language, certain verbs hold the key to effective communication. One such verb that ignites the spark of knowledge and understanding is “informer,” meaning “to inform.” In this blog post, we embark on a linguistic adventure, unraveling the various facets of “informer” and learning how to use it appropriately in different contexts. So, get ready to inform and inspire as we dive into the world of this powerful French verb.

1. Informing with Clarity and Purpose

“Informer” serves as a cornerstone of communication, enabling us to share valuable information effectively. Here’s a glimpse of how to utilize this verb for clear and concise communication:

  • Je t’informe sur les dernières nouvelles. (I inform you about the latest news.)
  • Il informe ses collègues des nouveaux projets. (He informs his colleagues about the new projects.)
  • Nous les avons informés du changement d’horaires. (We informed them about the schedule change.)

2. Seeking Information

Not only is “informer” used to transmit information, but it also plays a role in seeking knowledge or updates. Let’s explore how to formulate questions using this versatile verb:

  • Je m’informe sur les programmes d’études à l’étranger. (I am getting information about study abroad programs.)
  • Est-ce que tu t’informes des dernières tendances de la mode ? (Are you keeping yourself informed about the latest fashion trends?)
  • Elle s’informait sur les festivals locaux avant son voyage. (She was gathering information about local festivals before her trip.)

3. Informing Someone of Something

When you need to share specific information with someone, “informer” has your back. Here are some examples of how to utilize this verb in different situations:

  • Je l’informerai de la réunion demain matin. (I will inform him/her about the meeting tomorrow morning.)
  • Informez-nous de toute évolution ultérieure. (Keep us informed of any further developments.)
  • Il m’a informé de l’annulation du vol. (He informed me about the flight cancellation.)

4. Bonus: Informer’s Cousin – Prévenir

A close cousin of “informer” is the verb “prévenir,” meaning “to warn” or “to notify.” While they share similar traits, “prévenir” leans towards alerting or cautioning someone. Here’s how it can be used:

  • Il m’a prévenu de l’arrivée imminente du train. (He warned me about the imminent arrival of the train.)
  • Prévenez votre famille en cas de retard. (Notify your family in case of any delays.)
  • Nous les avons prévenus des conditions météorologiques défavorables. (We informed them about the adverse weather conditions.)


As we conclude our meticulous exploration of the power-packed French verb “informer,” let its versatility in sharing information resonate with you. Whether you’re informing, seeking knowledge, or notifying someone, “informer” serves as your linguistic ally. Embrace its potential and watch as it elevates your ability to communicate effectively in French. So, go forth and inform with confidence, inspiring others along the way. Bonne chance! (Good luck!)