Démolir: Breaking Down the French Verb Brick by Brick

Bienvenue, dear language enthusiasts, as we embark on an exciting journey to explore the French verb “démolir.” In this post, we will delve into the various aspects of this verb that mean “to demolish,” carefully unraveling its nuances, conjugations, and common usage. Are you ready to deconstruct and reconstruct your understanding of this powerful verb? Let’s dive right in!

Understanding the Verb:

At its core, “démolir” signifies the act of tearing down, destroying, or demolishing something physically or metaphorically. With its strong impact and visual imagery, “démolir” captures the essence of dismantling and reshaping. Now, let’s explore its usage in different contexts.

Demolition in the Physical Sense:

  1. Infinitive:
  • Démolir: to demolish
  1. Present tense conjugation:
  • Je démolis: I demolish
  • Tu démolis: You demolish
  • Il/elle/on démolit: He/she/one demolishes
  • Nous démolissons: We demolish
  • Vous démolissez: You demolish
  • Ils/elles démolissent: They demolish

Metaphorical Usage:

  1. Figurative Meaning:
    The verb “démolir” can also be used metaphorically to describe the act of tearing down or destroying in a non-physical sense.
  • Le chagrin l’a totalement démoli. (Grief completely demolished him.)
  • Sa critique a démoli son estime de soi. (Her criticism demolished her self-esteem.)

Common Expressions:

“Démolir” is frequently used in idiomatic expressions, adding depth and creativity to the language. Here are a few examples:

  • Démolir quelqu’un du regard: To give someone a withering look (literally, “to demolish someone with a look”).
  • Rire à se démolir les zygomatiques: To laugh uncontrollably (literally, “to laugh until one’s cheekbones are demolished”).
  • Démolir les préjugés: To smash prejudice (literally, “to demolish prejudices”).


Voilà! You’ve successfully navigated the world of the French verb “démolir.” Whether you’re tearing down walls literally or metaphorically, this verb offers you a versatile tool to express destruction, demolition, and reshaping. So go ahead, incorporate “démolir” into your French repertoire, and amaze your peers with your linguistic prowess. Remember, just as a demolition leads to progress and renewal, learning new verbs opens doors to linguistic expansion. Until next time, happy demolishing and constructive rebuilding in your language challenges! Au revoir!

(P.S: Don’t worry, we won’t really demolish anything – it’s just wordplay!)