Spingere to Success: Mastering the Italian Verb with a Push in the Right Direction


As we embark on our linguistic journey through the Italian language, let us take a playful approach and dive into the world of the verb “spingere,” which means “to push.” Just like a gentle nudge can move objects, mastering the Italian verb “spingere” can push your language skills to new heights. In this blog post, we will guide you through the various uses of “spingere,” helping you gain a confident understanding of its nuances. So, buckle up and let’s give ourselves a little push towards Italian language success!

1. Pushing Objects and Physical Actions:

The primary meaning of “spingere” revolves around physical actions involving pushing objects. Here are some examples:

  • Ho spinto la porta per aprirla. (I pushed the door to open it.)
  • Lei spinge il carrello della spesa. (She is pushing the shopping cart.)
  • Dobbiamo spingere il mobile per spostarlo. (We need to push the furniture to move it.)

2. Figurative Meanings:

“Spingere” can also be used in a figurative sense, extending its applications beyond physical actions. Consider the following instances:

  • Mi hai spinto a fare del mio meglio. (You pushed me to do my best.)
  • L’entusiasmo spinge le persone a realizzare i propri sogni. (Enthusiasm pushes people to pursue their dreams.)
  • Lo stress può spingere una persona all’esaurimento. (Stress can push a person to exhaustion.)

3. Conveying Influence and Persuasion:

Another interesting usage of “spingere” is to convey influence or persuasion on someone. Let’s explore:

  • Lui spinge per la riforma dell’istruzione. (He is pushing for education reform.)
  • La pubblicità spinge le persone a comprare determinati prodotti. (Advertising pushes people to buy certain products.)
  • Mi ha spinto a iscrivermi al corso di yoga. (She pushed me to enroll in the yoga course.)


Be it physical objects, figurative meanings, or the power of influence, the Italian verb “spingere” has a dynamic range of applications. By mastering its nuances, you’ll be pushing your language skills to new heights. From everyday conversations to persuasive endeavors, “spingere” brings the Italian language alive with its versatility. So, harness the power of “spingere” and let it propel you toward your Italian language goals. Buon viaggio linguistico! (Happy linguistic journey!)