Conseiller: Guiding You Through the Labyrinth of the French Verb World”


Bienvenue! Step into the enchanting realm of the French language, where verbs dance like fireflies, illuminating expressions and conveying meaning with finesse. Today, our spotlight shines on “Conseiller,” a versatile verb that encapsulates guidance and advice. In this blog post, we will navigate the intricacies of using “Conseiller” in conversation and equip you with the knowledge to wield this verb with confidence. Let’s embark on this linguistic adventure together!

Uncovering the Meaning and Usage of “Conseiller”

At its core, “Conseiller” means “to advise” or “to counsel.” This verb captures the essence of offering guidance, providing recommendations, or offering insights to someone. Let’s explore the various ways we can employ “Conseiller” in everyday conversations:

Giving Advice with “Conseiller”

When you wish to share your wisdom and offer suggestions, “Conseiller” becomes an indispensable tool. Here are some examples of using “Conseiller” in different contexts:

  1. Recommending a Product:
  • Je te conseille cette crème hydratante. (I recommend this moisturizer to you.)
  • Elle m’a conseillé d’acheter ce livre. (She advised me to buy this book.)
  1. Providing Guidance:
  • Je te conseille d’étudier davantage pour réussir ton examen. (I advise you to study more to pass your exam.)
  • Ils nous ont conseillé de prendre cette route pour éviter les embouteillages. (They advised us to take this road to avoid traffic jams.)
  1. Advising on Personal Matters:
  • Je lui ai conseillé de prendre quelques jours de repos. (I advised him to take a few days off.)
  • Nous leur avons conseillé de faire preuve de patience. (We advised them to be patient.)

Expressions with “Conseiller”

To further enrich your linguistic repertoire, familiarize yourself with these common expressions featuring “Conseiller”:

  1. “Conseiller à quelqu’un de + infinitive”:
    This construction is used to advise someone to do something.
  • Je lui ai conseillé de partir tôt pour éviter les embouteillages. (I advised him to leave early to avoid traffic jams.)
  • Elles nous ont conseillé de bien réfléchir avant de prendre une décision. (They advised us to think carefully before making a decision.)
  1. “Se faire conseiller”:
    This expression refers to seeking advice from someone else.
  • Il s’est fait conseiller par un professionnel avant d’investir son argent. (He sought advice from a professional before investing his money.)
  • Elles se sont fait conseiller par leur professeur pour améliorer leur écriture. (They sought advice from their teacher to improve their writing.)


As we step away from the enchanting world of “Conseiller,” armed with the knowledge of how to use this versatile verb, we bid you adieu. Remember, “Conseiller” empowers you to share your wisdom, offer recommendations, and provide guidance to others in the exquisite language of French. Let your words sway like a gentle breeze, guiding those who seek your light. Au revoir et que les conseils vous accompagnent! (Goodbye, and may the advice be with you!)