Mastering the Art of “Abbassare”: Lower Your Language Barriers with this Incredible Italian Verb!


Welcome to the world of Italian language learning, where we strive to elevate your skills and lower the language barriers that stand in your way. Today, we’re diving deep into the versatile and useful Italian verb “abbassare,” which translates to “lower” in English. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of using “abbassare,” ensuring that you have a firm grasp on this verb’s meaning and application.

Understanding the Basics: What does “Abbassare” mean?

“Abbassare” is a powerful verb in the Italian language, primarily used to express the action of lowering something physically or metaphorically. This verb can be used in various contexts and holds great significance in everyday conversation. Let’s explore its usage to give you a better understanding:

Physical Lowering:

When it comes to physically lowering objects, “abbassare” is often used to express actions related to bringing something down. Here are a few examples:

  • Ho abbassato il volume della musica. (I lowered the volume of the music.)
  • Abbassa lo sguardo quando parla. (He lowers his gaze when he speaks.)
  • Abbassiamo le tapparelle per far filtrare meno luce. (Let’s lower the blinds to let less light in.)

Metaphorical Lowering:

Beyond physical actions, “abbassare” can also be used metaphorically to convey ideas of reducing, diminishing, or bringing down concepts or qualities. Here are some instances:

  • Ho abbassato le spese per risparmiare denaro. (I lowered expenses to save money.)
  • Abbassa le tue aspettative per evitare delusioni. (Lower your expectations to avoid disappointment.)
  • L’incidente ha abbassato il morale delle persone. (The accident lowered people’s spirits.)

Informal Expressions with “Abbassare”:

Besides its standard usage, “abbassare” appears in a couple of informal expressions that add cultural flavor to your Italian conversations:

  • Abbassa la cresta! (Calm down! Literally, “lower your crest,” like a rooster)
  • Abbassa i toni! (Lower your voice! Literally, “lower the tones.”)


As we wrap up our exploration of the incredible Italian verb “abbassare,” let’s reflect on the importance of mastering this powerful word. By understanding “abbassare” thoroughly, you gain the ability to express physical lowering, metaphorical reductions, and even enjoy the linguistic richness of its informal expressions.

So, whether you’re discussing sound levels, personal expectations, or encouraging someone to calm down, “abbassare” will be your go-to linguistic tool to lower language barriers and elevate your Italian conversations. With this verb in your arsenal, you’re primed to navigate Italian effortlessly, one linguistic step at a time!

Remember to “abbassa” any apprehensions and embark on this Italian adventure with confidence. Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)