Dipendere: Putting the ‘I’ in Independence with the Italian Verb


In the enchanting world of the Italian language, there exists a verb known as “dipendere,” which adds a touch of linguistic versatility to expressing dependency and independence. In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to unravel the multifaceted nature of “dipendere” and explore its various applications. So, get ready to empower your Italian language skills as we discover the art of using “dipendere” effectively!

1. Depending on the Basics: Expressing Dependency

When it comes to expressing dependency or reliance on someone or something, “dipendere” is the go-to verb. Let’s explore how this verb is used in real-life situations:

  • Dipendo dai miei genitori per il supporto finanziario. (I depend on my parents for financial support.)
  • Il successo della nostra attività dipende dalla qualità del servizio offerto. (The success of our business depends on the quality of the service provided.)
  • Dipendiamo dalle previsioni meteo per organizzare il nostro picnic. (We rely on the weather forecast to plan our picnic.)

2. The Independent Dipendere: Expressing Independence

Not only does “dipendere” imply dependence, but it also has a unique usage when it comes to expressing independence or self-reliance. Here’s how you can convey a sense of autonomy:

  • Non dipendere dagli altri per la tua felicità. (Don’t depend on others for your happiness.)
  • Vorrei vivere una vita in cui dipenda solo da me stesso. (I would like to live a life where I only depend on myself.)
  • Sono autonomo e non dipendo da nessuno per le mie decisioni. (I am independent and rely on no one for my decisions.)

3. Emphasizing Conditions with Dipendere

“Dipendere” can also be used in Italian to emphasize circumstances or conditions under which something is affected or influenced. Take a look:

  • La riuscita del progetto dipende dalla cooperazione di tutti i membri del team. (The success of the project depends on the cooperation of all team members.)
  • La decisione finale dipenderà dal parere del nostro capo. (The final decision will depend on our boss’s opinion.)
  • L’esito delle elezioni dipende dall’affluenza dei votanti. (The outcome of the elections depends on voter turnout.)


Congratulations! You have now unlocked the potential of “dipendere” and added an expressive tool to your Italian language repertoire. From showcasing dependency to asserting independence, this versatile verb allows you to navigate various linguistic avenues. With the knowledge gained in this post, you can confidently portray your reliance or self-sufficiency in different contexts during your Italian language journey. So go forth, embrace the essence of “dipendere,” and delight in the linguistic possibilities it offers. Buon viaggio linguistico! (Happy linguistic journey!)