Seize the Verb: Mastering the Art of Using ‘Prendere’ in Italian


Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Italian language! Today, we embark on a linguistic voyage that will illuminate the versatile and dynamic verb “prendere.” Just as taking hold of an opportunity is essential, mastering the various shades of “prendere” is crucial for Italian language enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will guide you through the usage of “prendere” and equip you with the necessary linguistic tools to wield this verb with flair.

1. Grasping the Meanings:

“Prendere” embraces a multitude of meanings, enabling you to express various actions and concepts. Here are some of its essential uses:

1.1. Taking or Grabbing:
“Prendere” is commonly employed to describe the action of taking or grabbing something physically. Observe the examples below:

  • Prendi la penna. (Take the pen.)
  • Ho preso il libro dalla libreria. (I took the book from the library.)
  • Prendiamo una fetta di pizza. (Let’s grab a slice of pizza.)

2. Capturing the Essence:

“Prendere” can also be used metaphorically to capture the essence or significance of a situation. Consider the following examples:

2.1. Understanding:

  • Non prendo cosa intendi. (I don’t get what you mean.)
  • Prendiamo il senso generale della situazione. (Let’s grasp the general sense of the situation.)

2.2. Assuming or Considering:

  • Prendo in considerazione il tuo suggerimento. (I am considering your suggestion.)
  • Prendiamo per scontato che arriverà in orario. (Let’s assume that he/she will arrive on time.)

3. Embracing Options:

“Prendere” effortlessly encompasses the idea of choosing or selecting. Here are some examples:

3.1. Choosing:

  • Prendi il colore che preferisci. (Choose the color you prefer.)
  • Prendo sempre il treno per andare a lavoro. (I always take the train to go to work.)

3.2. Taking (a Picture):

  • Posso prendere una foto di voi? (May I take a picture of you?)
  • Prendiamo una foto di famiglia. (Let’s take a family photo.)


As the curtain falls on our linguistic expedition, you are now equipped to seize the versatile verb, “prendere,” in all its multifaceted glory. From physically grasping objects to capturing the essence of a situation and embracing various options, “prendere” empowers you to express yourself fluently in Italian. Embrace the richness of this verb, and don’t hesitate to seize every opportunity to employ it in your voyage through the beautiful Italian language. Buon viaggio e prendi la lingua italiana per la coda! (Bon voyage and grab the Italian language by the tail!)