Meraviglioso Meritare: Unlocking the Power of the Italian Verb ‘Meritare’


Ciao! Welcome to our linguistic journey through the captivating Italian language. Today, we delve into the verb “meritare,” which not only adds depth to your conversational skills but also adds a touch of self-worth. Join us as we explore the versatile usage of “meritare” and how to incorporate it effectively into your Italian repertoire.

Setting the Stage: Understanding “Meritare”

In the grand Italian tapestry of verbs, “meritare” adorns a special place, conveying the concept of deserving or being worthy of something. With roots in the Latin word “meritare,” meaning “to earn” or “to deserve,” this verb encapsulates the idea of reaping the rewards of one’s actions.

Expressing Deservedness

Whether it be recognition, rewards, or compliments, “meritare” offers a meaningful way to express when someone deserves something. Consider the following examples:

  • Tu meriti un applauso per il tuo impegno! (You deserve applause for your hard work!)
  • Lui merita di essere premiato per le sue notevoli capacità. (He deserves to be rewarded for his remarkable skills.)
  • Lei merita tutto l’amore del mondo per la gentilezza che dimostra. (She deserves all the love in the world for the kindness she shows.)

Self-Affirmation and Positive Reinforcement

“Meritare” shines not only when acknowledging others but also as a tool for self-reflection and self-worth. It helps foster a positive outlook and encourages self-praise. Here are some examples:

  • Io merito il successo che sto ottenendo. (I deserve the success I am achieving.)
  • Noi meritiamo di essere felici e realizzati. (We deserve to be happy and fulfilled.)
  • Voi meritate di celebrare le vostre conquiste quotidiane. (You deserve to celebrate your daily achievements.)

Emphasizing Personal Efforts and Achievements

By using “meritare,” you can highlight the effort and dedication put into achieving personal goals. It allows you to acknowledge hard work and perseverance. Consider these examples:

  • Maria ha studiato molto per l’esame e merita un ottimo voto. (Maria has studied hard for the exam and deserves an excellent grade.)
  • I giocatori di questa squadra meritano il titolo di campioni. (The players on this team deserve the title of champions.)
  • L’artista ha lavorato anni per perfezionare la sua abilità e merita il riconoscimento. (The artist has worked for years to perfect their skill and deserves recognition.)


As our linguistic journey comes to a close, we hope you have discovered the dazzling potential of the Italian verb “meritare.” With its ability to express deservedness, offer self-affirmation, and emphasize personal achievements, “meritare” is the key to unlocking a world of self-worth and acknowledgement. So, go forth and embrace the power of “meritare” in your Italian conversations, validating both yourself and others with its wonderful versatility. Arrivederci e meritate ogni successo! (Goodbye, and may you deserve all the success!)