Admirer: Taking a French Voyage to Appreciate, Adore, and Applaud


Welcome, dear language enthusiasts, to our linguistic expedition through the charming French verb “admirer.” As we embark on this grammatical voyage, we will navigate the nuances and intricacies of this verb that connotes appreciation, adoration, and applause. So, fasten your seatbelts, embrace your sense of wonder, and let us set sail into the magical world of “admirer.”

Expressing Admiration:

At its core, “admirer” revolves around expressing deep admiration for someone or something. This versatile verb allows you to express your appreciation for various aspects of life. Here are some examples showcasing how “admirer” can be effortlessly weaved into your French conversations:

  1. Admiring People:
  • J’admire son talent d’artiste. (I admire his/her artistic talent.)
  • Elle admire sa grand-mère pour sa sagesse. (She admires her grandmother for her wisdom.)
  • Nous admirons leur engagement envers la communauté. (We admire their commitment to the community.)
  1. Admiring Nature and Beauty:
  • J’admire le coucher de soleil sur l’océan. (I admire the sunset over the ocean.)
  • Il admire la beauté des fleurs dans le jardin. (He admires the beauty of the flowers in the garden.)
  1. Admiring Achievements:
  • J’admire son succès professionnel. (I admire his/her professional success.)
  • Les supporters admirent les prouesses de leur équipe favorite. (The fans admire the achievements of their favorite team.)

Expressing Adoration:

“Admirer” transcends beyond mere admiration and embraces the language of adoration. This verb allows you to express your love and devotion for someone or something close to your heart. Here are some instances where “admirer” becomes the vessel of your French expressions of adoration:

  1. Adoring Loved Ones:
  • J’admire mon partenaire pour sa gentillesse et sa générosité. (I adore my partner for his/her kindness and generosity.)
  • Elle admire ses parents pour tout ce qu’ils ont fait pour elle. (She adores her parents for everything they have done for her.)
  1. Adoring Passions and Hobbies:
  • J’admire la musique et la façon dont elle peut toucher les âmes. (I adore music and the way it can touch souls.)
  • Il admire la photographie et la façon dont elle capture des moments uniques. (He adores photography and the way it captures unique moments.)

Expressing Applause:

Beyond admiration and adoration, “admirer” also conveys a sense of applause and appreciation towards the achievements and actions of others. It allows you to celebrate and applaud deserving individuals and their accomplishments. Let’s dive into some examples:

  1. Applauding Achievements:
  • J’admire son travail acharné et je lui souhaite un grand succès. (I applaud his/her hard work and wish them great success.)
  • Les invités admiraient l’orateur pour son discours inspirant. (The guests applauded the speaker for his inspiring speech.)
  1. Applauding Human Qualities:
  • J’admire sa générosité envers les plus démunis. (I applaud his/her generosity towards the less fortunate.)
  • Nous admirons leur résilience face à l’adversité. (We applaud their resilience in the face of adversity.)


As our linguistic voyage through the French verb “admirer” comes to an end, we hope you have expanded your repertoire of expressions, adored those close to your heart, and applauded the remarkable achievements of others. With “admirer” in your linguistic arsenal, you can embrace the art of appreciation, love, and applause en français. So, go forth and let your admiration shine bright, for the world is waiting to be adored and applauded. Bon voyage et admirez sans fin! (Bon voyage, and keep on admiring!)