mbrace the Path Less Taken – Mastering the French Verb “Écarter”


Unleash your linguistic prowess as we embark on a journey to explore the captivating corners of the French language. Our destination today? The versatile verb “écarter,” which holds the key to expressing a myriad of meanings. Join us as we delve into the depths of this verb, uncovering its nuances and discovering how to effectively incorporate it into your French repertoire.

1. “Écarter” with the Sense of Separation or Removal:

At its core, “écarter” conveys the concept of separation or removal. Let us explore how to utilize this verb when expressing such meanings:

  • Écarte-toi de moi ! (Step away from me!)
  • Elle écarta les livres de la table. (She moved the books away from the table.)
  • Ils ont écarté les personnes indésirables de l’événement. (They removed unwanted individuals from the event.)

2. “Écarter” with the Sense of Excluding or Rejecting:

Additionally, “écarter” can be employed when expressing the notion of exclusion or rejection. Here are some examples:

  • Elle a été écartée de l’équipe de danse. (She was excluded from the dance team.)
  • Il a été écarté du projet à cause de son manque d’expérience. (He was rejected from the project due to his lack of experience.)
  • Ils ont écarté cette possibilité en raison de son impraticabilité. (They dismissed that possibility due to its impracticality.)

3. “Écarter” with the Sense of Dismissing or Discarding:

Furthermore, “écarter” can be used to indicate the act of dismissing or discarding something. Consider the following examples:

  • Écartons cette idée, elle n’est pas réalisable. (Let’s dismiss this idea, it’s not feasible.)
  • Il a écarté les critiques sans fondement. (He brushed off baseless criticisms.)
  • Nous devons écarter les préoccupations inutiles pour avancer. (We must discard unnecessary worries in order to move forward.)


As our linguistic exploration of the French verb “écarter” comes to a close, remember that language is like a puzzle, with each word contributing to the overall masterpiece of communication. By mastering the versatile uses of “écarter,” you gain the ability to express separation, exclusion, rejection, and dismissal with precision and finesse. So, embrace the path less taken and incorporate this powerful verb into your French arsenal for unforgettable conversations. Au revoir et écartez les barrières linguistiques! (Goodbye and remove the linguistic barriers!)

Remember, learning a language is about embracing new words and concepts, so don’t forget to écarter any doubts and dive into the beauty of the French language. Happy learning!