Unveiling the Magic of ‘Togliere’ in Italian: Removing Doubts and Adding Fluency!


Welcome to the enchanting world of Italian language learning! Today, we embark on an exploration of the versatile verb “togliere,” which translates into English as “to remove.” Like a magician’s wand, this powerful verb can whisk away obstacles and add fluency to your Italian conversations. In this blog post, we will delve into the various uses and conjugations of “togliere,” equipping you with the knowledge to effortlessly incorporate this verb into your Italian repertoire.

1. Removing Objects:

One of the primary uses of “togliere” is to express the act of removing or taking away physical objects. Here are some examples:

  • Togli il cappello prima di entrare. (Remove/take off your hat before entering.)
  • Ho tolto i libri dallo scaffale. (I removed/took the books from the shelf.)
  • Togliere la polvere dai mobili. (To remove/dust the furniture.)

2. Removing Clothes:

In the realm of fashion and personal grooming, “togliere” shines as it is specifically used to indicate the action of undressing or removing clothes. Consider the following examples:

  • Maria si toglie le scarpe dopo una giornata di lavoro. (Maria takes off her shoes after a day at work.)
  • Durante la festa, tutti si sono tolti le giacche. (During the party, everyone took off their jackets.)

3. Removing or Eliminating:

“togliere” can be employed to express the act of removing or eliminating something non-physical, such as problems, doubts, or obstacles:

  • Il medico mi ha tolto tutti i dubbi sulla mia salute. (The doctor removed all doubts about my health.)
  • Dobbiamo togliere queste difficoltà per progredire. (We need to remove these difficulties to make progress.)
  • Le vacanze mi hanno tolto lo stress quotidiano. (The vacation removed/eased my daily stress.)

4. Conjugations and Expressions:

To fully wield the power of “togliere,” let’s briefly explore its conjugations and common expressions:

  • Present tense: io tolgo, tu togli, lui/lei/Lei toglie, noi togliamo, voi togliete, loro tolgono
  • Past participle: tolto
  • Expressions: togliersi di mezzo (to get out of the way), togliere il disturbo (to excuse oneself), togliere dai guai (to get out of trouble)


As we bid arrivederci to our exploration of the Italian verb “togliere”, we hope you now have a clearer understanding of its multifaceted nature. Whether you are removing physical obstacles, shedding some layers of clothing, or eradicating doubts, “togliere” is here to assist you in expressing these actions fluently in Italian. With practice, you will master this verb and unveil a whole new level of linguistic finesse. Now, arm yourself with “togliere” and watch your Italian skills flourish! Alla prossima lezione! (Until the next lesson!)