Mastering Medicare: The Vital Guide to Using the Italian Verb ‘Medicare’


When it comes to understanding and using the Italian language, grasping the nuances of its verbs is the key to unlocking fluency. Today, we delve into one such vital verb: “medicare.” With its range of meanings and applications, mastering the verb “medicare” will help you navigate the realm of healthcare and well-being in Italian. So, let’s embark on a journey to understand and effectively use this verb!

1. “Medicare”: The Fundamental Meaning

At its core, the verb “medicare” translates to “to take care of” or “to look after.” It encapsulates the essence of providing assistance, support, and nurturing to someone in need. Observe its usage below:

  • Mi preoccupo e mi prenderò cura di te. (I worry and will take care of you.)
  • La madre medica il figlio malato. (The mother cares for her sick child.)
  • Gli infermieri medicano i pazienti con premura. (The nurses attend to the patients with care.)

2. “Medicare” in the Healthcare Context

While “medicare” can generally refer to caring for someone, it is commonly employed within the healthcare domain. Here are some examples that illustrate this specialized usage:

  • Il dottore medica il paziente ferito. (The doctor treats the injured patient.)
  • I farmaci medicano le malattie. (Medicines treat illnesses.)
  • L’ospedale è un luogo dove si medica e si curano le persone malate. (The hospital is a place where people are treated and cared for.)

3. Expanding beyond Physical Health: Emotional and Mental Well-being

The verb “medicare” is not limited to physical health but extends its reach to emotional and mental well-being. Consider these examples:

  • Il terapista medica la mente attraverso le terapie. (The therapist heals the mind through therapies.)
  • La poesia può medicare le ferite dell’anima. (Poetry can heal the wounds of the soul.)
  • Il supporto degli amici medicava il suo cuore spezzato. (The support of friends healed her broken heart.)

4. Idiomatic Expressions with “Medicare”

As with any verb in a rich language like Italian, “medicare” adorns a few idiomatic expressions. Adding these to your repertoire will enhance your linguistic flair. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Non è facile medicare un cuore infranto. (It’s not easy to heal a broken heart.)
  • La musica è un toccasana che medica l’anima. (Music is a panacea that heals the soul.)


There you have it! The comprehensive guide on utilizing the versatile Italian verb “medicare.” By understanding its various meanings, contexts, and idiomatic expressions, you can confidently communicate your intentions of caring, healing, and nurturing in Italian. Whether it’s tending to physical ailments, offering emotional support, or fostering mental well-being, “medicare” is your go-to verb. So, go forth, knowledge in hand, and let the healing power of “medicare” shine in your Italian linguistic journey. Buon viaggio nella lingua italiana! (Happy journey into the Italian language!)