Idolâtrer: Worshipping the French Verb with Unwavering Love


Join us on a linguistic journey as we explore the enchanting world of the French language. Today, we delve into a verb that goes beyond a mere admiration or adoration, but instead, traverses the realms of intense infatuation and worship – “idolâtrer.” Get ready to immerse yourself in the passion and meaning behind this mesmerizing verb.

Unveiling the Essence of “Idolâtrer”:

At its core, “idolâtrer” encapsulates profound admiration, devotion, and idolization. This verb allows us to express our deepest admiration for a person, a concept, or an idea, highlighting our intense emotional connection. Let’s explore how to effectively use “idolâtrer” in various situations.

Expressing Adoration and Worship:

  1. Idols and Famous Figures:
  • J’idolâtre mon chanteur préféré. (I idolize my favorite singer.)
  • Elle idolâtre son actrice favorite depuis l’enfance. (She worships her favorite actress since childhood.)
  1. Passion for Activities or Subjects:
  • Nous idolâtrons la danse. (We idolize dance.)
  • Il idolâtre la cuisine gastronomique. (He idolizes gourmet cooking.)

Discussing Intense Devotion:

  1. Romantic Love:
  • Elle l’idolâtre, elle est folle de lui. (She idolizes him, she’s crazy about him.)
  • Nous idolâtrons notre partenaire, c’est un amour sans fin. (We idolize our partner; our love is eternal.)
  1. Fanaticism and Obsession:
  • Ils idolâtrent leur équipe de football, ils ne manquent aucun match. (They idolize their football team; they never miss a game.)
  • Tu idolâtres cette série télévisée et tu ne peux pas attendre pour la prochaine saison. (You idolize this TV series, and you can’t wait for the next season.)

The Power of “Idolâtrer” in Everyday Language:

Beyond its literal meaning, “idolâtrer” has also made its way into French idioms and expressions, enriching everyday conversations:

  • “Idolâtrer quelqu’un comme un dieu” (to idolize someone like a god) means to hold someone in the highest esteem.
  • “Idolâtrer à distance” (to idolize from afar) refers to admiring someone from a distance, without a personal connection.


As we conclude our exploration of the magnificent verb “idolâtrer,” we hope you feel empowered to express your profound devotion and adoration in the French language. Embrace the intensity of this verb to convey feelings that go beyond ordinary admiration, and let your words be a testament to the depths of your love and admiration for people, ideas, and experiences. So go forth and “idolâtre” fearlessly in your own linguistic journey! Au revoir et idolâtrez avec éloquence! (Goodbye and idolize with eloquence!)