Cancel Plans: Annuler Your Event with Ease


Welcome, my language enthusiasts! Today, we dive deep into the linguistic mysteries of the French language. The verb on the spotlight for today is “annuler.” It might appear to be a simple word, but trust me, it’s powerful enough to ‘cancel out’ all your confusions about French verbs. Buckle up as we de-mystify the phantom of ‘annuler.’

Definition and Usage of Annuler

‘Annuler’ is the French equivalent to the English verb ‘to cancel.’ It could denote canceling an event, a decision, an order, or any upcoming plans. Think about the times you had to cancel your coffee catch-up because some emergency emerged, or a flight had to be canceled due to inclement weather. That’s where our superhero – Annuler – steps in!


  1. J’ai dû annuler ma réunion aujourd’hui. (I had to cancel my meeting today.)
  2. Nous avons annulé le voyage à cause de la pluie. (We canceled the trip because of rain.)

Conjugation of Annuler

Remember, a French verb dons different looks based on the tense, mood or the subject! Here’s how ‘annuler’ changes its form:

Present tense:

  • Je annule
  • Tu annules
  • Il/Elle annule
  • Nous annulons
  • Vous annulez
  • Ils/Elles annulent

Past Participle: Annulé

Common Phrases with Annuler

Not only can this versatile verb stand alone, but it also shines when coupled with other words and phrases. Here are some examples:

  • Annuler une réservation: To cancel a reservation.
  • Annuler un chèque: To cancel a check.
  • Annuler un contrat: To terminate a contract.

Making Sentences with Annuler

Now, let’s try constructing sentences using annuler with different tenses:

Present: Vous annulez la réunion pour aujourd’hui. (You are cancelling the meeting for today.)
Past: J’ai annulé mes plans de voyage hier. (I cancelled my travel plans yesterday.)
Future: Nous annulerons notre réservation si le temps est mauvais. (We will cancel our booking if the weather is bad.)

Conclusion: No More Annuler Anxiety

‘Annuler’ might have seemed intimidating in the beginning, but now you’re armed with the knowledge to use this verb confidently across multiple situations and conjugations. Remember, practice is the key to mastering any language. So, undo the fear and jump right in because with ‘annuler’, you can cancel out confusion and replace it with clarity instead!

Keep up the enthusiasm, and stay tuned for the next session where we’ll unravel another French language enigma together. Au revoir, mes étudiants!