Prendre – To Take

“Prendre” is a versatile verb in French that can be translated to mean “to take,” “to have,” “to consume,” or “to capture,” among other things. Because it has so many different meanings, it is an important verb to master if you want to speak French fluently.

Here are some tips on how to use “prendre” in different contexts:

1. To take or grab 

    One of the most common meanings of "prendre" is "to take" or "to grab." For example:

        - Je vais prendre un livre. (I'm going to take a book.)
        - Tu peux prendre mon sac ? (Can you grab my bag?)
        - J'ai pris le métro pour aller au travail. (I took the metro to go to work.)

    In these sentences, "prendre" is used to indicate physically taking or grabbing something.

2. To have or consume 

    Another common meaning of "prendre" is "to have" or "to consume." For example:

        - Je vais prendre un café. (I'm going to have a coffee.)
        - Vous avez pris le petit-déjeuner ce matin ? (Did you have breakfast this morning?)
        - Nous prenons souvent le déjeuner ensemble. (We often have lunch together.)

    In these sentences, "prendre" is used to indicate consuming or having something.

3. To capture or seize 

    "Prendre" can also mean "to capture" or "to seize" something. For example:

        - La police a pris le voleur. (The police captured the thief.)
        - Nous avons pris la ville ennemie. (We seized the enemy city.)

    In these sentences, "prendre" is used to indicate capturing or seizing something.

4. Idiomatic expressions 

    Finally, "prendre" is used in many idiomatic expressions in French. For example:

        - Prendre des notes (to take notes)
        - Prendre le temps (to take time)
        - Prendre une décision (to make a decision)

    In these expressions, "prendre" is used in a fixed expression that has a specific meaning.


“Prendre” is a versatile verb in French that can have many different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Whether you are taking something physically, having a meal or drink, capturing something, or using an idiomatic expression, “prendre” is an essential verb that you will encounter frequently in French conversation.