Aggiuggingere with Gusto: Mastering the Art of Using the Italian Verb Aggiungere


As we navigate the labyrinth of the Italian language, we often stumble upon verbs that add flavor and richness to our sentences. One such verb is “aggiungere,” which means “to add.” Just like a pinch of salt can enhance a dish, learning how to use “aggiungere” can elevate your Italian conversations and writing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ways to incorporate “aggiungere” into your Italian toolkit with finesse and flair.

1. Adding Objects or Ingredients

When it comes to physical elements, whether it’s ingredients to a recipe or objects to a collection, “aggiungere” is your trusted ally. Let’s see how to use it in different contexts:

  • Aggiungere ingredienti alla tua ricetta preferita. (Add ingredients to your favorite recipe.)
  • Aggiungi una foto al tuo album di viaggio. (Add a photo to your travel album.)
  • Vorrei aggiungere un tocco di eleganza al mio vestito. (I would like to add a touch of elegance to my outfit.)

2. Including Additional Information

“Aggiungere” can also be used to introduce supplementary information or provide further details. Here’s how to use it in such cases:

  • Aggiungere una nota al rapporto per spiegare la situazione. (Add a note to the report to explain the situation.)
  • Nel contesto di questo dibattito, importante aggiungere che… (In the context of this debate, it is important to add that…)
  • Aggiungiamo un altro dato importante alla discussione. (Let’s add another important piece of information to the discussion.)

3. Emphasizing with Additions

By using “aggiungere,” you can emphasize or reinforce your statements. This usage adds strength and impact to your expressions:

  • Aggiungere un tocco di umorismo pu rendere la conversazione pi piacevole. (Adding a touch of humor can make the conversation more enjoyable.)
  • Vorrei aggiungere un po’ di saggezza ai tuoi pensieri. (I would like to add some wisdom to your thoughts.)
  • Aggiungi un pizzico di passione alle tue azioni per ottenere risultati straordinari. (Add a pinch of passion to your actions to achieve extraordinary results.)


As we conclude our exploration of the Italian verb “aggiungere,” we hope you’re feeling inspired to sprinkle it into your conversations and written expressions. Whether you’re adding ingredients to your cooking, including additional information, or emphasizing your statements, “aggiungere” is the versatile tool at your disposal. So go ahead, embrace the power of “aggiungere” and let your Italian language skills flourish. Buon divertimento con “aggiungere”! (Enjoy using “aggiungere”!)