Prestare: Lending a Hand with the Italian Verb that Speaks Volumes!


Benvenuti! Today, we embark on a linguistic journey through the enchanting Italian language, as we acquaint ourselves with the versatile verb “prestare.” This verb, meaning “to lend” or “to loan,” will open a world of possibilities for effective communication. So, let’s dive right in and unravel the secrets of using “prestare” in various contexts!

1. Lending Objects or Money

When it comes to borrowing or lending objects and money, “prestare” holds the key to smooth and meaningful conversations. Take a look at some examples below:

  • “Mi puoi prestare un libro?” (Can you lend me a book?)
  • “Ho bisogno di prestare dei soldi a mio fratello.” (I need to lend money to my brother.)
  • “Posso prestarti la mia macchina per il weekend?” (Can I lend you my car for the weekend?)

Using “prestare” in these situations will not only show your willingness to help but also facilitate productive and generous exchanges.

2. Temporary Use or Permission

Apart from lending objects and money, “prestare” is also used to indicate temporary use or granting permission in various situations. Consider the following examples:

  • “Mi presti il tuo ombrello un attimo?” (Can you lend me your umbrella for a moment?)
  • “Posso prestare il tuo nome come riferimento?” (Can I use your name as a reference?)
  • “L’insegnante mi ha prestato il suo quaderno per prendere appunti.” (The teacher lent me his/her notebook to take notes.)

By using “prestare” in these scenarios, you not only demonstrate your trust in others but also foster a sense of collaboration and reciprocity.

3. Figurative Usage: Lending Support or Attention

Interestingly, “prestare” goes beyond material possessions and can be applied figuratively, expressing the concept of lending support or attention. Here are a few examples:

  • “Lui mi presta sempre un ascolto attento quando ho bisogno di parlare.” (He always lends me a attentive ear when I need to talk.)
  • “Presta molta attenzione alle sue esigenze.” (He/she pays close attention to his/her needs.)
  • “Gli amici mi hanno prestato supporto durante questo momento difficile.” (My friends lent me support during this difficult time.)

Using “prestare” metaphorically conveys your willingness to be present for others and offer your support and attention when they need it the most.


As we reach the end of our linguistic adventure, we hope you feel confident about embracing the multifaceted Italian verb “prestare” and all its expressive powers. Whether it’s lending objects, money, granting temporary use, or figuratively providing support and attention, “prestare” allows us to foster human connections and enhance our interactions in the realm of the Italian language.

So, go ahead and lend a hand with “prestare” – the ultimate linguistic tool for lending more than just objects or money! Buona fortuna and happy lending! ¡Presto! (Soon!)