Impiegare: Unlock the Secrets of this Versatile Italian Verb!


Unveiling the Power of “Impiegare”: An Italian Verb Worth Employing

Are you ready to dive into the depths of the Italian language and discover a versatile verb that will greatly enrich your conversational skills? Look no further than “impiegare”! In this blog post, we’ll explore the various meanings and uses of this crucial verb, empowering you to employ it with confidence in your Italian conversations. So, let’s embark on this linguistic adventure!

Impiegare – Understanding the Basics:

Before we delve into the multiple applications of “impiegare,” let’s start with its essential meaning: “to employ” or “to use.” This versatile verb serves as a foundation to express utilization or the act of employing something or someone.

  1. Using “Impiegare” to Convey Employment:
    The primary usage of “impiegare” revolves around describing the employment of a person or individual skills. Consider the following examples:
  • “Impiego Giulia come mia assistente.” (I employ Giulia as my assistant.)
  • “Sono stato impiegato presso un’azienda di design.” (I was employed at a design company.)
  1. Utilizing “Impiegare” in General Situations:
    Aside from referring to employment, “impiegare” can also indicate using or employing something in a general sense. This usage is particularly versatile and can be found in various contexts, such as:
  • “Impiegheremo la tecnologia più recente per risolvere il problema.” (We will use the latest technology to solve the problem.)
  • “Ho impiegato molto tempo a terminare il progetto.” (I took a long time to complete the project.)

Unleashing the Potential: Creative Uses of “Impiegare”:

Now that you have a solid grasp of the fundamental meanings, let’s explore how “impiegare” can be creatively employed to enhance your Italian conversations.

  1. Sustaining a Punny Conversation:
    Playfully, “impiegare” can be utilized in a punny way by replacing the object with a similar-sounding word to create humorous wordplay. For instance:
  • “Quanto tempo impieghi per fare un selfie? Dipende dal tuo autoritrattametro!” (How much time do you spend taking a selfie? It depends on your selfiemeter!)
  1. Investing Time or Dedication:
    Beyond its literal translation, “impiegare” also conveys the concept of investing time or dedication towards a specific task or goal. For example:
  • “Ho impiegato molta passione nell’apprendimento della lingua italiana.” (I have invested a lot of passion in learning the Italian language.)


Congratulations! You’ve now become well-acquainted with the multi-faceted verb “impiegare.” From its core meaning of employment to its creative applications and playful pun potential, “impiegare” is an invaluable addition to your Italian vocabulary arsenal.

As you incorporate “impiegare” into your conversations, you’ll find yourself effortlessly expressing the act of employment and utilization in various contexts. So, go ahead and employ this Italian verb confidently, and watch as your fluency and linguistic charm elevate to new heights!

Mettiamo in campo l’impiego di “impiegare” – Buon divertimento e buona fortuna! (Let us employ “impiegare” – Have fun and good luck!)